Turn the Page

Ginny DePowell, the owner of In Good Time Bookstore, is juggling an overwhelming load of responsibilities. Between tending to her ailing mother and managing the bookstore, she’s desperately in need of a helping hand. Enter Ben Weaver, a handsome young writer seeking refuge in the idyllic charm of Cloverton. A part-time job at Ginny’s bookstore seems like the perfect fit for both.

However, as Ben settles into his new role, unforeseen challenges arise. A skeptical reporter’s prying threatens to unearth secrets while an unexpected connection blossoms between Ben and Ginny.

Just when it seems like the stars are aligning, fate intervenes, leaving Ben on the brink of losing everything. Will Ginny and Ben find the strength to overcome adversity and write their own happy ending?

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Faked with Love

Olivia Hooper is making a name for herself as owner of the flourishing Cloverton Sweets Bakery. When her older brother, Wes, makes plans to visit their parents in Florida over the holidays, Olivia insists he’ll have to go without her. There is no way she can close her shop during her busiest season of the year.

Ever since they were kids, Mannie Nikos has seen Olivia as a thorn in his side. Now that they are adults, that feeling has grown. Mannie is obsessed with maintaining and promoting a healthy lifestyle and does his best to keep his clients out of Cloverton Sweets. Naturally, this has taken their rivalry to the next level.

When Wes asks Mannie to invite Olivia to spend Christmas with his family so she won’t be alone, Mannie is reluctant. Until he realizes this might be a way out of a predicament of his mother’s making. His grandparents are visiting from Greece and are expecting to meet his longtime girlfriend—one that he doesn’t have. He and Olivia have always butted heads, but she knows him well enough to pull off a fake relationship for a few weeks.

So long as things go as planned.



Music of the Heart

Zoe Redford never planned on returning to her hometown, but after failing to get her music career off the ground, she needs somewhere to regroup. When her sister needs someone to cover a babysitting gig, Zoe steps in to save the day and instantly bonds with young Ella.

Marty Martinez is in over his head as a single father and business owner. When he sees how taken his daughter is with Zoe, he offers her a job as a nanny. As Zoe and Ella spend more time together, so do Zoe and Marty. They both feel a budding attraction, but neither is willing to act on it.

However, when Zoe’s ex resurfaces determined to rekindle their relationship, Marty realizes how much she has become a part of his and Ella’s lives. While he fears losing Zoe and the family they’ve become, he would never stand in the way of her happiness…even if that means sacrificing his own.