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Cloverton police officer Melanie Hart juggles the demands of her job and raising her two young daughters alone after her husband abandoned them years ago. Mel isn’t complaining though. Unfortunately, great kids doesn’t do much to ease her loneliness.

Dean Gorman never thought he’d return to Cloverton after creating a successful career as a photojournalist. However, he is drawn to his hometown to document the loss of their biggest employer, Cloverton Lumber, and the ripple effect it has had on the town.

While exploring the vacant building, he is nearly arrested for trespassing by Mel, his long-lost childhood friend and the woman who broke his heart. Despite his determination to move on and once again leave Cloverton in the past, Dean doesn’t know if he can walk away from love once again.

Can Melanie and Dean navigate the complexities of their past to forge a future together or will the past be too much to overcome?

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In Full Bloom

Having weathered her ex-husband’s abandonment, Jasmine Law finds a haven at Dewy’s Grocery
Store as a floral designer. Her LA glitz combined with Cloverton’s Midwest charm make for a unique product for her clients, who have embraced her.

Justin Dewy has the daunting task of reshaping the family business to compete with an incoming
national chain. His plans to convert the store into an organic, health-conscious option for
Cloverton residents means removing the floral department. Something that doesn’t sit well with Jasmine.

Tensions rise between them, revealing unspoken feelings both would rather ignore. Can
Justin find a way to save his family legacy without losing the woman who has come to mean so much to him?





About Marci


Nestled in the enchanting expanse of the Midwest, Marci Wilson shares her humble abode with her seriously lucky husband and their menagerie of rescue pets.

Armed with a laptop in one hand and a margarita in the other, Marci spins tales that capture the imagination of her readers.

She is a multi-published author who writes under a variety of pen names because there are far too many people living in her head to only use one.

When she isn’t writing or traveling with her husband, she can usually be found rescuing animals, designing items for her online store, or trying to convince her husband to try new culinary delights.

Marci loves engaging with her readers. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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