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Cloverton police officer Melanie Hart juggles the demands of her job and raising her two young daughters alone after her husband abandoned them years ago. Mel isn’t complaining though. Unfortunately, great kids doesn’t do much to ease her loneliness.

Dean Gorman never thought he’d return to Cloverton after creating a successful career as a photojournalist. However, he is drawn to his hometown to document the loss of their biggest employer, Cloverton Lumber, and the ripple effect it has had on the town.

While exploring the vacant building, he is nearly arrested for trespassing by Mel, his long-lost childhood friend and the woman who broke his heart. Despite his determination to move on and once again leave Cloverton in the past, Dean doesn’t know if he can walk away from love once again.

Can Melanie and Dean navigate the complexities of their past to forge a future together or will the past be too much to overcome?

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NEW RELEASE: Tattered Dreams

When Min Choi and her son Carson move into a quiet Cloverton neighborhood, she expects privacy. However, Wesley Hooper, the man next door extends a friendly hand that always seems to be there when Min and Carson need it. Despite her determination to keep Wes at arm’s length, they start to spend more time together after Carson joins the scholastic bowl team that Wes coaches.

Wes can’t help but be drawn to Min. Not only is she hardworking, kind, and beautiful, but the air of mystery about her has him intrigued. As they celebrate a surprising victory for the team, Wesley and Min’s connection deepens. However, Carson makes it clear he is not okay with his teacher dating his mother.

Min is determined to keep a good relationship with her son, but that means giving up the man who has finally broken through the walls she keeps around her heart. Can she and Wes find a way to be together without losing their bond with Carson?


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