Cloverton Romance Book 2: Faked with Love Autographed Print


A frenemies to lovers romance novella.

Olivia Hooper, the successful owner of Cloverton Sweets Bakery, faces a holiday dilemma when her brother plans to visit their parents in Florida. Unwilling to close her bustling shop during the peak season, Olivia insists he go without her even if that means she will celebrate alone.

Mannie Nikos, who has viewed Olivia as a thorn in his side since childhood, is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and does what he can to keep his clients from Cloverton Sweets. When Olivia’s brother asks him to invite her for Christmas, Mannie hesitates until he sees an opportunity to escape an impossible predicament.

With his grandparents expecting to meet his long-time girlfriend-whom he doesn’t have-Mannie proposes a fake relationship with Olivia. She agrees…if he will help her at the bakery in her brother’s absence.

Despite their history of clashes, Olivia and Mannie succeed in pulling off the charade…perhaps a little too well. As the lines of make believe get blurred, the risk of hurting each other becomes all too real.


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